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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Avoid Post-Holiday Letdown–Restore Positive Momentum

Do you suffer from post-Christmas/New Year’s holiday blues? Throughout the months of November and December, you were bombarded with suggestions to spend time and money to help ensure the most joyful holiday season. Was the resulting strain worth it? A prolific author and veteran psychotherapist Dr. Donna Marks warns that holiday preparation can become an addiction—we work so hard at achieving our “best Christmas ever” that in effect, we guarantee both burnout and disappointment. Tune in for actions you can take right now to recover from this year’s post-holiday blahs and prepare to overcome holiday addiction next year. Learn how to confront and conquer any addiction through Dr. Marks’s three-step program that helps you reclaim your mind and replace fear with genuine confidence and self-love. Host Roy Richards provides 10 practical steps to help ensure you a good night’s sleep, every night of the year.