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Sloane Freemont

Expanding Your Limits

I think we all have those things we just think aren’t possible. Things we just don’t think could ever happen in a million years and for that reason, we continue the same patterns of thought on the topic, even though we don’t like the results we are getting. I had a situation like that in my life and on this week’s show, I share the quarantine miracle of how that pattern completely changed. This month’s theme is “let it be a new beginning” and as I share this example with you and how things changed, it helped me to see how in doing so I was able to expand my limits. I was able to expand my limits on something I never thought was possible. And if I can do it, you can do it too. So join me this week and prepare to be amazed at how things can change for the better when you least expect it!  Songs this week include Me Gente by J Balvin and Demons by James Morrison. Visit 33daysofmagic.com to sign up for my new magical manifesting course!