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Blissful Living – How to Amplify Your Intuition

How often do you tap into your intuition and use the information that it gives to you to enhance your life? Do you even know what your intuition is or how it can assist you with everything from sex to over coming obstacles in your life? Did you know that your intuition has to power to help you overcome stress in your life? Well if any of this sounds intriguing to you then you will definitely want to tune to this week’s show as I chat with the fabulous Dr. Rom Weber, an award winning sexologist, spiritual medium and owner of Communications in Spirit, as she shares her wisdom about utilizing our intuition to enhance our sexual experience and life. She will educate us on what intuition is, how to use our intuition, why it is important to use our intuition, how to amplify our intuition and what the channels of perception are and why they are important. She will also share some obstacles that may occur when trying to amplify your intuition and how to overcome them.