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Architect of Change – Conscious Being with TJ Woodward

Have you ever clicked “send” on a email that really wasn’t ready to go – or blurted hurtful words to a friend or a family member?  How about losing your keys, forgetting to use a rebate in time, or showing up late for an appointment.  Then you spend the rest of the day thinking – What’s wrong with me?   If you answered NO to these questions then I have to ask, Are you human?

We all have our stories, our flaws, and our little idiosyncrasies that we wish would just hit the road.

Lots of us struggle with weight and health issues – we know what to do – we just don’t do it.  Every day is a vicious cycle of resolve, caving in and then torturing our selves.

Same goes for work, we stay in jobs that are unfulfilling because we don’t have the confidence to polish up the resume or try to retool our current jobs.  5’clock rolls around and you can’t wait to get out of there.

Guess what folks – you can make all of this self-bashing come to a halt and start your road filled with self-forgiveness and self-love, and progress!

Your host, Connie Whitman, will speak with TJ Woodward. TJ is an author, speaker, addiction counselor, TV and radio show host. He has a new book, “Conscious Being” which is an insightful guide for rediscovering your essential nature and living an intentional and awakened life.  I loved his book and felt it calming as well as a tool to help me go easier on myself when things go awry.

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