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Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – Happiness is a Choice Not a Result

This week on “Architect of Change” Radio Show, your host Connie Whitman will speak with Klyda Hutchins, Regional Manager with Provident Bank about “Happiness is a Choice not a Result,” as well as discussing 3 life changing events happening simultaneously, being “still” in the moment, allowing change to unfold as it is supposed to, and coming out the other side stronger, wiser and in a better place. We will also share some “how to’s” to help you embrace change and find growth.

During this show, we will discuss . . .

  • Having 3 huge life changing events happen simultaneously in a 9 month period, how do you wake up and function and do you chalk it up to “that’s just life?”
  • We will discuss the process of being able to move through these major life changing events and what was my guests mind set daily, perhaps hourly, etc.
  • How to keep a team of people focused and energized during a corporate merger and still be able to keep yourself upbeat?
  • How my guest feels after having come out the other side and would she have done anything differently now that she can look back?
  • Advice my guest may share to anyone going through a bad time in their life to help them find the light at the end of the tunnel?