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Architect of Change – Your Path to Better Health

Motivational quote for today is by ~ Jennifer Brown

“Just like there’s always time for pain, there’s always time for healing.” 

The way that we feel dictates everything about our lives.  Our health truly is the most important thing we should think about.  But its hard … there are temptations at every turn AND so much conflicting information out there.

When you watch TV, doesn’t there seem to be pill for every aliment we suffer from?  Yet while we fix one issue, the pill or medication usually causes some other part of our body or organ to malfunction.  Talk about a vicious cycle!

As an alternative to traditional medicine, there has been a ton of talk about energy healing and other holistic healing modalities.  Have you ever heard of Scalar Energy Healing?  Neither did I, until I met my guest today, Tom Paladino.

Tom is a Scalar Energy Healer /Researcher, and Author of 6 volume Scalar Energy for the World Booklet Series. He has developed an unparalleled REMOTE treatment healing process called the “Pathogenic Cleanse”. He has developed scalar energy instruments that are capable of disassembling pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoan.  This Godsend will soon be heralded as the cure for all pathogenic disease.

He is passionate about sharing his groundbreaking research with a wide audience in order to introduce the cure for pathogenic disease to mankind.  This is the central theme of his current research.  Sit back, take notes and listen to how Tom may be able to help you eliminate the disease that has been plaguing your body.  Please help me welcome Tom Paladino!

Website:  www.creativestrength.US

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