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Host: Pam Oakes

How did the last trip to the car repair shop make you feel?  Baffled?  Ripped-off?
Pam Oakes, host of Car Care for the Clueless. is here to take the sting out.   Just shy of 30 years as a professional, ASE-certified technician, 20-year female shop owner, automotive apps engineer, trainer-developer, automotive author, she has the know-how to help you, and your vehicle when it comes to time for repair.    It’s informative; it’s fun; it’s all about keeping money in your pocket –  not in the shop’s cash register. Car Care for the Clueless is your go-to podcast.  Check back every week for news, tips and automotive secrets. 

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Car Care for the Clueless – Saving Money at the Repair Shop

On this week’s episode of “Car Care for the Clueless” host Pam Oakes teams up with Peter Sudak – our gadget guru – for a lesson on how to have your car repaired, properly. The two, ASE-certified technicians tell listeners how to avoid the extra charges and maintenance that some shops try to sell their […]

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Car Care for the Clueless with Pam Oakes

Media Personality, Educator, Master Technician and Consumer Advocate
  •   Master Tech w/EETAS, 27 years professionally; 36 years overall
  •   Fourth-generation automotive technician
  •   Automotive App Engineer for a Big 3 OEM
  •   Diesel instructor for Raytheon/Navistar A26 engine launch (Class 8)
  •   Goodwill Industries contract automotive program developer, instructor
  •   Retired, 20-year shop owner (original start-up), Pam’s Motor City Automotive & Tires
  •   MotorAge runner-up “Top Shop” award
  •   Tire Review semi-finalist “Top Shop” award
  •   17-time, regional “Top Shop” award
  •   Nationally-awarded automotive author (consumer/tech)
  •   International automotive speaker (consumer & technical)
  •   Automotive patent holder (4)
  •   Syndicated radio host of “Car Care for the Clueless” (CBS, NBC radio stations, independents)
  •   Syndicated television news broadcast host of “Car Care for the Clueless”
  •   Expert legal witness in automotive industry issues


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