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Host: Pam Oakes

How did the last trip to the car repair shop make you feel?  Baffled?  Ripped-off?
Pam Oakes, host of Car Care for the Clueless. is here to take the sting out.   Just shy of 30 years as a professional, ASE-certified technician, 20-year female shop owner, automotive apps engineer, trainer-developer, automotive author, she has the know-how to help you, and your vehicle when it comes to time for repair.    It’s informative; it’s fun; it’s all about keeping money in your pocket –  not in the shop’s cash register. Car Care for the Clueless is your go-to podcast.  Check back every week for news, tips and automotive secrets. 

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What Every Car Owner Should Know

Pam Oakes, ASE Automotive Professional is back with a brand new episode of Car Care for The Clueless.    You’ll hear the top 10 tips for car owners, what’s happening with the Ford recal and other car care and safety news.  You won’t want to miss this re-launch episode and tap into Pam’s insights and opinions […]

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Car Care for the Clueless with Pam Oakes

Media Personality, Educator, Master Technician and Consumer Advocate
  •   Master Tech w/EETAS, 27 years professionally; 36 years overall
  •   Fourth-generation automotive technician
  •   Automotive App Engineer for a Big 3 OEM
  •   Diesel instructor for Raytheon/Navistar A26 engine launch (Class 8)
  •   Goodwill Industries contract automotive program developer, instructor
  •   Retired, 20-year shop owner (original start-up), Pam’s Motor City Automotive & Tires
  •   MotorAge runner-up “Top Shop” award
  •   Tire Review semi-finalist “Top Shop” award
  •   17-time, regional “Top Shop” award
  •   Nationally-awarded automotive author (consumer/tech)
  •   International automotive speaker (consumer & technical)
  •   Automotive patent holder (4)
  •   Syndicated radio host of “Car Care for the Clueless” (CBS, NBC radio stations, independents)
  •   Syndicated television news broadcast host of “Car Care for the Clueless”
  •   Expert legal witness in automotive industry issues


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