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WebTalkRadio.net HostFilled with entertainment, hot topics, and simple tips for Living Today Better than Yesterday, The Possibility of Today discusses the most interesting current events and the takeaway messages we can apply to our own lives. We can choose how to see the world, how to conduct ourselves and how to use each of our precious 24 hours. Are you getting the most out of your days? Sibyl sits down with experts, authors, writers, business professionals and discusses that question. You’ll be entertained, you’ll laugh and you’ll get some great tips that will help you take advantage of the day in front of you and live even better tomorrow.

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The Possibility of Today – 2 Essential Things You Want To Do For The Rest of 2014

Wouldn’t you say that 2014 has been a crazy and also busy year? It seems like there has been so much going on and every time you work through one thing, something else creeps up. Has it been the same for you? Today’s show is about how to specifically manage through times like these and also be productive without feeling … Read more about this episode...

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The Possibility of Today with Sybil Chavis

Sibyl Chavis is a Harvard-trained lawyer who left the lucrative corporate world on the East coast to create a life of greater clarity and purpose. Formerly in practice at a leading law firm and then Executive Vice President for HR at the largest multicultural advertising agency, she now runs her own business and writes “The Possibility of Today” an online magazine focused on providing simple tips for Living Today Better than Yesterday. She lives in Pasadena, CA with her husband and two children.


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