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Beyond science and religion, there is more to the story of life and the cosmos.
We’ll tackle the big questions of why we are here and where the world may be heading. From theologians and scientists to those in the school of New Thought, we’ll address the individual circumstances that led to the formation of their theories and views. Challenging common beliefs and scientific findings, host Philip Mereton talks with experts and authors to find a new worldview of hope.

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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – The Power of the New Spirituality

“I’m spiritual, but not religious.” This is the answer an increasing number of people give to the question of whether they practice a form of religion. But what is this new spirituality and what makes it different than the old spirituality? One answer, given by Philip Mereton’s guest, William Bloom, author of the new book, The Power of the Read more about this episode...

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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion with Philip Mereton

Philip Mereton is a lawyer, philosopher, and author of The Heaven at the End of Science: An Argument for a New Worldview of Hope. This book, which started as a college essay in 1974, is the culmination of thirty-five years of research on the big questions of existence. Blending philosophy, science, religion and the paranormal, the book argues that it is time to replace the materialistic model of modern science with a framework that better accounts for the full range of human experience. Mr. Mereton is a frequent radio guest, writer, and speaker on the connection between science and religion. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.


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