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Life – a series of decisions, relationships and learning.  Have you ever tried something new and thought, “what took me so long to do this?”   Change, progress and enlightenment are always the backdrop in our life’s landscape.   On Enlightenment of Change, you’ll hear cutting edge techniques and solutions to bring what really matters to the forefront in your, professional and personal, day-to-day life.  From feeling good, to feeling great and how to cope when things are not going so well.  Enlightenment of Change is your go-to resource for all things forward. Hop on board – you’re going to enjoy the ride!

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Yogi On The Green

Connie’s motivational quote today is from “Golf and life are a balance of commitment and letting Go.” Are you an avid golfer?  Have you ever thought about combining yoga to improve your Golf game?  Do you think I have lost my mind? Well, I haven’t lost my mind and the concept of combining golf […]

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Enlightenment of Change with Connie Whitman

Connie Whitman is a Mom of two college age sons, entrepreneur, engaged with learning and teaching. Connie has more than 34 years as a sales, service, & coaching training and development expert, radio show host, international speaker, and CEO of Whitman & Associates and Wisdom De-Coded  She helps businesses grow their sales and revenue streams by improving internal and external communication skills while developing strong relationship based sales cultures.

Join Connie as she explores inspiring content as the host of her weekly radio show, “Enlightenment of Change,” on Invite her to speak at your next event for a motivating and life-changing experience that will help your sales team grow market share.

Connect with Connie at and on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and read her Blog posts at &


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